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Welcome to the Far Flung Foodie, Nigel Gifford OBE and his team of private caterers.

Over 40 years ago Nigel was taught by his father, a renowned chef, pâtissier and restaurateur that caterers “are part artists and part servants.”

His dad told him “Our job is to provide amazing food, wines and drinks that fit both a client’s event and their budget, with style, imaginative culinary flair and whenever possible unforgettable fun.”

With this in mind, the “3F’s” website provides a quick insight into the Far Flung Foodie’s different styles of world cuisine and drinks. We hold a full licence and can serve alcohol at any type of event.

Our recipes and offerings are  drawn from the conventional everyday kitchen of the  European restaurateur, the menus of historic explorers and their expeditions, the  street food kitchens either side of the equator, to the  polar ice caps and remote tribal areas  where you can find “the last kitchens on earth™.”

As the author of the Royal Geographical Society’s Expedition Catering Handbook we doubt there is a chef that has been further flung than Nigel!

Whether private or corporate catering, in or out of doors, running workshops, speaking engagements or using our unique scrapheap challenge kitchen… or as part of a festival or street food event, we are committed to using only top quality ingredients from suppliers of reputation.

All the team are locavores and avoid wherever possible, supermarkets and large privately owned chain stores to ensure the best flavours, textures and nutrition, grown or grazed with local unpolluted soil and requiring minimal transported “food miles.”

Myself and the team hope you enjoy your visit into the world of food, adventure and exploration… and I hope to have the pleasure of cooking for you somewhere, sometime, soon.

Of course the more information you can give us about your wishes and the event itself, the better job we can do. We’re only  a phone call or email away!

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